Jack Miner


Kingsville is very proud of the legacy of Jack Miner. As an avid hunter, Jack Miner knew the value of conservation of the natural environment and the wildlife it fosters and protects. His efforts spearheaded the conservation movement and originated the waterfowl refuge management system in Canada.

Born in Westlake, Ohio, on April 10th, 1865, Jack Miner settled on land on the 3rd Concession, in the former Township of Gosfield South, now situated in the Town of Kingsville. The area is located in Essex County, a peninsula of land surrounded on three sides by the Great Lakes water system and is a natural stopover for many varieties of migratory birds. In 1909 Jack Miner began banding migratory ducks, followed by migrating Canada Geese in 1915, each with a bible verse. The bands allow the Sanctuary to gather information about migrating birds, providing the knowledge needed to protect and preserve.

The Jack Miner Bird Sanctuary was founded in 1904 and continues its work to this day. Jack Miner's home and a museum dedicated to his work, as well as 5km of trails are open to the public free of charge, year round. Depending on the time of the year and the prevailing winds you may even see a field full of Canada geese, Blue Teal Ducks, Snow Geese and others resting before continuing their flight. Plan to attend the Events at the Jack Miner Sanctuary that have been specially scheduled during the Migration Festival weekend.

Click on News Release for detailed information or visit www.jackminer.com or call the Sanctuary at 519.733.4034.

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